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Dear Mr Tang,

I really admire you for standing up for democracy, and your family for staying by your side in this difficult time. Don't give up! One day your dream of a truly democratic Singapore will come true.

Mr Tang,

I wish to communicate with you but wantto use an anomyous remailer. Can any visitor to your site help me ?

Dear Tang

Everyone expected PAP to sue you because it is their style, infact I'll be surprised if they don't! however, I did not expected that they file a pile of writs at record height, and got your family involved. This is driving me very mad, and I have been writting articles [mainly in Chinese] againt PAP since. Most have been faxed to Mr. JBJ's office. I have also placed some on the NSP web site, the address is:

The counter-attack by both Mr. JBJ and yourself are very impressive, I think they are in very constructive direction. It is getting somewhere this time, at least this is how I feel. All previous PAP-Opposition lawsuits were not going anywhere they should be, in the pass, this time, I see alot of diffirence! Please keep up the good work!

In my view, PAP have many good reason to be very desperate, and the nation is also in very risky position. If no one can force PAP to give up the power, Singapore will suffer serious consequence as PAP's failure errupts. Without PAP letting the power go, this sad end result will not change, and it's is also impossible to be changed.

Good co-ordination among all the people fighting against PAP is very important. What I wish to see is all the parties and individuals fighting against PAP must try their best to put differences between themselves aside, and work totally togather. I am non-member to any political party.

Dear Mr Tang,

I sympathise with your situation, especially in the bad way they have treated your wife. This is really like ancient China where the Emperor will kill all 3 generations just to get at one man. All the best in your freedom fight. ---

Dear Sir

I have read quite a lot about your activities in Singapore ever since the rallies to the days you fled Singapore to JB, HK and so on.

For fear of getting myself into any trouble, all I can only say is that I feel sad that our leaders of a modern democracy, have to resort to using defamation laws to "vindicate" themselves. Furthermore, the amounts of claim to "vindicate" themselves, I feel are extremely astronomical. I have never seen any politician using such laws so much as to broadcast their bravado on an international scale. Got shame or not? They're getting so much money you know! People's tongues will wag non-stop!

If, you have to cough up the aforesaid amount of monies, as awarded by the presiding Judge(s), you would be better off if you disappeared from this world. I mean that as a mere point-of-view, not in anyway to offend you. What with the cost of living, sheer difficulty in earning an income from today's competitive world; how easy is it to build up your family fortune again?

With genuine sympathies, I wish you all the best in your further endeavours.

I feel very sorry for your present situation. But you know, that is the facts of life in Singapore.

May God bless you.

The man-in-the-street supports you.

Hi my learned friend TLH, I am curious to know if the S'pore W/A could be executed in Australia, a member of the Commonwealth countries. The W/A was issued for some Income Tax offences which is not linked to politics. I am not a lawyer. Could you enlighten me on that. You are wise to leave Spore otherwise they will put you in the black hole of Calcutta and throw away the key.

I wish you all the best and God bless you and family.

Awaiting reply from Australian legal experts. TLH

Dear sir, after looking into your webpage, I think you did a great job. I admire your courage and attempts to resist the Singaporean government. I salute you.

Hello Liang Hong,

I have just seen your web site. Very impressive. Keep your spirits up, your cause is a just one and your fight a necessary one that will one day benefit all Singaporeans.

But I do not envy your hard and lonely fight at the moment.

Very best wishes

I just went through your website, so did my friend. We are very impressed with it. Just thought you should know.

Liang Hong,

How are you ? I have the honour of visiting your website. Great!!! I'll spread the word as much as possible. Homepages must be given maximum publicity, otherwise, they're no good.

I just read part of your homepage. It great to see and read. I am based in Hong Kong (a singaporean), I miss the chance to meet you in person while you were in Hong Kong.

I am will be happy to receive information and updates on the coming "Appeal" in Singapore on your case. .

Dear Mr Tang,

I am happy to know you have a home page. I found this when I surf the Malaysia Papers Sin Chew Daily. As a Chinese Educated, I will naturally asked whether you have similar Home page in Chinese version.

I believe many Chinese Educated men of my age are concerned about you and your case. I believe we can read the un-censored articles via Internet.

Best Regards.

We regret that there isn't a Chinese version of this homepage yet.