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Court documents:

Defences to Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and PAP Leaders
Defamation Suits

Note: (All 13 defences to PAP defamation suits were struck out by Singapore High Court before Goh Joon Seng J. during an urgent night hearing on 10 March 1997)

Suits Arising from Comments on Purchases by Lee Kuan Yew and Family of Expensive Properties from Hotel Property Ltd (HPL).


Note: (All applications/affidavits are on the subject of Striking out Justice Lai Kew Chai)

Civil Appeals:

1. Statement of Case

2. Supplemenatal Statements

Police Report 'Not a Public Document' - QC Submitted to Court.

QC's Submission to the Court of Appeal on Behalf of TLH

QC's Rebuttal


'Fundamental error' in Tang defamation case

Legal saga: a backgrounder

Against the odds: one man's bid for democracy

QC's Rebuttal as reported Straits Times 25/09/97

Singapore Chided For Using civil Law to Gag debate

Francis Seow Article

Amid Black Robes, A Flash of Colour

Radio & TV

ABC Radio Programme: Indian Pacific
Broadcast: Saturday, April,12 1997

ABC Radio PM (a current affairs program)
Broadcast: Wednesday April 9, 1997

ABC TV Foreign Correspondent
 Broadcast: Tuesday April 8, 1997

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